Our Money Back Guarantee! 


No Matter The Reason, We'll Take It Back!

Our return policy and the process are both kept very simple and to the point. If you need to initiate a return, please head over to our Request A Refund page and after a few steps, you'll have started an order return!

You Can Return Your Order If...

  • It doesn't fit
  • You don't like the color
  • You bought the wrong thing completely
  • ANY other reason that's not listed.

All we ask is that you received your order less than 14 days before filing a Returns Request. Other than that, we are beyond relaxed with returns. Truthfully, our customers are happy with their order or we make it right. If you have any more questions, feel free to Contact Us and we will make sure to address any issues you have!

*Custom or Customized Apparel is not eligible for refunds once the print has been made. If there is ANYTHING wrong with the apparel or the print, a new item will be made, free of charge to replace.