We're closing in on the last week that you're able to purchase a North Park Junior High School's 80th birthday t-shirt and we're sending this post out as a way of spreading the word!

If you're just learning about these school shirts now, the short story is: We teamed up with North Park Junior High to create and sell t-shirts and a few other items for their 80th birthday, March 11 and if you haven't already, read the North Park's 80th Birthday Invite to see the information shared by the Lockport city school district.

$2 Donation For Every Item Purchased

That's right, for every item purchased, we're donating $2 towards the 8th grade's field trip to Washing DC! This $2 donation doesn't only apply to the North Park 80th Anniversary prints, but also to all the other products shown on this post! We have a handful of items like hats, drawstring bags, coffee mugs and more, that all generate a donation.