Sometimes our customers have a predetermined budget when placing an order for custom t-shirts and they ask us what they can do to keep the costs lower, without sacrificing too much from what they were expecting to achieve. When it comes to ordering any type of custom printed apparel, there are a few things you should consider to really keep the costs lower and in the post, we're going to explain each topic.

1) Quantity of Shirts

How many shirts you're needing will influence the price of each custom shirt and by ordering larger quantities of shirts, customers are usually able to offset the costs of additional color layers in their print design. At Taylor'd Prints, we don't require any minimum order amounts on custom t-shirts and almost all other apparel but discounts are applied to bulk orders. This means that if you're only looking for a few shirts, we'd be more than happy to make them happen but you'll pay more for each, than if you were to order an amount of 10 or more.

2) Number of Colors in Print Design

The number of colors that are used in your custom t-shirt design can often have a lot to do with the final price you'll pay for each t-shirt and is often one of the easiest ways to reduce your costs when placing an order. Typically, this is the rule of thumb for all custom printed products that aren't produced through an ink system printer. If your design has more than a couple of colors, try to determine what colors could be removed while still allowing for an attractive final print. 

Many times, businesses especially will realize that their logo/apparel prints appear much more professional after removing extra colors, anyway. Play around with the idea of removing a color or two from your design but if it's just not an option, there are other printing methods that can be looked into, such as Sublimation Printing, where each color isn't relative to the final quote.


3) How Soon They're Needed

 We're the first to understand how crazy life can be at times and how ordering the custom t-shirts for your event, business or family gathering often becomes one of your last priorities but if you're able to submit your order to us with enough lead time to make them happen, you can save a significant amount of money by not paying any associated rush fees. Rush fees are typically dependent on how many shirts you're ordering and how soon you're needing them completed. 

For the pure sake of an example, if you were needing 5 shirts that were 1 sided and 1 color prints within 4 days, the rush fee might be $5 each shirt but if you were wanting the same exact design on 50 shirts within 4 days, the rush fee could be lowered to $2 each custom shirt. At the end of the day though, if you can ever avoid being charged a rush fee by placing your order in advance, you'll for sure pay less for your order.


4) Brand & Quality of Apparel

 We've decided to cover the brand and quality level of the apparel being used for your shirt order last, as it's one of the most straight forward tips that we offer on this list. As like much else in life, you often get what you pay for when it comes to ordering custom t-shirts and any other apparel, so if having true fitting, soft and comfortable shirts is important to you, the costs will be a touch more than if you were to order a scratchy, boxy and uncomfortable cheaper brand.

 We wouldn't encourage you to focus too much on the brand & quality of the apparel when trying to save some extra money on your order since most brands don't vary that much in price between them but it's definitely something that should be considered. At Taylor'd Prints, we'll always suggest our customers going with a slightly more expensive apparel brand if it comes down to them wanting to go the ‘cheapest' route with their order. The amount of ‘savings' is often insignificant, due to how quickly the cheaper apparel breaks down, along with how poorly they fit and appear when being worn.


Ready to Order Your Custom T-Shirts?

 Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand the key factors in saving some extra money when ordering your custom t-shirts from us or any other business. If you'd like to know more about the difference between the print quality offered by us at Taylor'd Prints, versus what you'll get from our competition, check out Our Custom T-Shirts Print Quality VS Competition's and if you're ready to place an order with us, head over to our Custom T-Shirts Quote Request page and you'll be able to expect to receive a quote back from us within a couple of hours!