I'm sure many of our customers have noticed the changes happening to our website over the past few weeks and since we have a bit more changes on their way, we thought it would be nice to summarize what's been changed and what's still to come.

Improved Product Categorization

We started by removing all of our products from the site since we were desperately in need of an organization overhaul when it came to our printed shirt designs, custom shirts, and other custom products that we were offering at the time. Listings didn't feel like they were categorized correctly and it was often hard for our customers to find what they were looking for. So instead of moving things around 1 by 1, it made more sense to remove and start over.

Along with better-categorized products, we are also working to re-create all of the pages that were created previously and add a bit more life to them. Some of the revised pages that we've completed already are:

Along with the pages that have already been recreated and touched up, we will also be revamping the following pages:

More Custom Products

We're adding more and more custom printed products that allow our customers to fully design and create their items right on our website, with our easy to use online designer tool. There are also a bunch of items like our Specialty Photo Prints that only require you to upload your picture when adding the item to the cart and we take care of the rest!

To view all of our customizable products that are currently online, including Custom T-Shirt Photo Prints and Custom Coffee Mugs, view our full collection of Design Online Products