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Heat Transfer Vinyl For Custom Apparel

The reason Heat Transfer Vinyl Is the ideal Process for Custom Shirts

Should you need custom shirts made in Lockport NY or any place else in the USA, you have come to the right spot! In this guide, I am going to summarize why heat transfer vinyl has become one of the most preferred printing technique when it comes to smaller to mid-sized shirt orders. If heat transfer vinyl is applied by a decorator with significant experience, it lasts for the entire lifetime of the shirt. 

Why Heat Transfer Vinyl?

When printing custom shirts with HTV, the design will be made to last. In comparison to DIY iron-on methods, the artwork placed on t-shirts by us at Taylor'd Prints will undoubtedly be high-quality and crystal clear. When you do a comparison of the cost of screen printing to heat transfer vinyl, you'll find that the second is substantially less expensive, particularly if your artwork is reasonably very simple.

How Many Shirts Is Ideal For Heat Transfer Vinyl?

There really is no perfect quantity for printing custom shirts with HTV. Essentially, it all depends upon exactly what you as the customer wish to accomplish with the prints and what spending budget you are hoping to stay inside of. 

We've fulfilled orders of 100+ with heat transfer vinyl when our customers request it over screen printing but for the most part around 50 plus shirts, the costs to get the shirts screen printed starts balancing with the heat transfer method so some customers end up having us screen print their custom shirt order.

It is all up to you! We're certain that no matter the print method you decide to go with, provided that it's printed by us at Taylor'd Prints, you'll absolutely love it!
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