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We’re Finally Online!

After 8 months...

…2 different e-commerce platforms and a couple different web development teams, we finally decided that we need to create our website ourselves! What an exciting adventure it all has been.

It’s been a long, dragged out past 8 months for us at Taylor’d Prints when it came to our website, it’s user experience and the overall design. Doing the web design ourselves was the plan in the first place, but as business picked up, we felt that it was a better idea to hire on someone else to finish up the rest…

Although they gave a great effort, the team we hired on was not able to get the site feeling and looking the way we really needed it to be, in order for us to look at it and feel like it is “Ours”.

We have finally dedicated some of our time towards rebuilding our website and day after day, we are more and more satisfied with how it’s coming along. Hopefully, you as well really enjoy how everything looks and feels as it was built with our customers in mind.

From the homepage to the product pages, we have tailored our website to fit our customer’s liking, based off the feedback and suggestions we had received in the early months of putting our website together. If you ever have any suggestions, we’d LOVE to hear them! Contact Us today with your idea and if we decide to implement it, we’ll make sure to compensate you for the help!

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